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Rich Off Error Coins

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Do you want to make some extra money? Do you have a jar of change at home? Did you ever wonder if any of those coins are worth more than face value? This application will help you locate U.S. coins that are known to have Mint errors when they were created.

Coin collectors love these error coins and depending on the error, are willing to pay nicely for rare errors. Rich Off Error Coins will allow you to search for these errors by looking for specific types of errors, by coin and by year.

It will outline what you should look for and where to look on the coin. Good luck, have fun and happy hunting!

I was planning on upgrading this App in the 2nd Quarter of 2018 but got side-tracked. I am still working on the update and hoping to have new version by EOY.

The goal is to add more functionality and upgrade for the newer Operating systems. Thank you for all the downloads.

** Here is what I am planning to add **

Ability to Search by Countries (Error Coins for other Countries can be added)

Upon approval, ability for all of you to add new Coins / Coin Errors (with Images), Mint Marks and Error Types

Ability to enlarge images (although most images may still be generic)

Other things as I'm working on it

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This app will allow you to help someone locate you, specifically in a dark area. For example, your kids are on stage, they look in the audience and can't find you. You are at a dark bar, or at a concert.
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This app will allow you to flash two colors at various speeds to attract someones attention (get a band member to notice you at a concert) and will also allow you to include some text as well, perfect for finding someone at an airport you are picking up.

Also includes a flashlight (if your device supports one) so you can get rid of your other flashlight app. Give it a try, it's free!

Help Me Mommy


Safety and security is a major concern of parents with kids and/or elderly parents. But, most have a phone. We hope you never need to actually use this app, but what if...
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What if this happens: your child is walking alone, someone approaches them. They run! As they are running, they start this app and send a pre-formatted text to you with a map image of their location, along with their longitude and latitude coordinates.

You now know they are in trouble but also know their exact location.

Or, an elderly parent is sick or hurt and can't talk, but if they can click a few buttons on their phone, you now know they are in need of assistance.

This app allows you to set up two emergency phone numbers, the ability to attach a map (or not to if their signal is weak), and it can also be set up to automatically prompt to send another text in a pre-determined time frame.

Once the text is sent, the receiver will receive a message with/without a picture attachment of the senders current location, their exact longitude and latitude and a quick text message set up before hand that tells the receivers this person is in trouble.

Just think if someone you loved didn't have this app (after you read this description), and an unfortunate situation mentioned above arises.

Would you look back and say, I should have bought that app! I hope that is never the case and I do hope if you download this app, you will also never have to use it.